Hilton Resource Group

HRG is a leadership coaching, organizational development and talent training consultancy that develops leadership potential, maximizes people talent, and creates an engaged, pro-active work culture.

HRG provides:

  • Leadership Coaching - Coaching executives and managers to fine-tune their strategic thinking, communication skills, decision-making and problem solving skills; Working with senior level leaders to evaluate risk tolerance, weigh alternatives, and indentify practical solutions to business challenges;

  • Culture Development - Working with companies to assess the company culture to identify its ability to anticipate and adapt to change and provide realistic strategies to align behaviors with the company vision, mission and goals;

  • Change Management - Facilitate team processes to assist work groups integrate new processes and systems and adjust to organizational restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions;

  • Talent Development Training - Develop curriculum and facilitate customized leadership, mentoring, and change management programs; provide coaching programs and consultations for individual and team performance. Create mentoring and coaching programs at all levels of the organization to maximize internal talent, enhance recruiting, and Improve retention and performance;

The bottom-line: We provide the tools to create a talented workforce that has the skills, knowledge, and drive to sustain a competitive edge in the market and secure a profitable future.