Case Study 1

Case Study 1:

Coaching for Behavior Change

CLIENT: Oil & Gas company.

THE NEED: The organization had a broad sweeping reorganization at the executive and director level. Communication disintegrated among the leadership team resulting in a loss in internal and external customer confidence. These factors led to diminished trust both with employees as well as with customers resulting in decreased performance, turn over and service interruptions. These factors led to the loss of two key customer projects being awarded to competitors.

Lisa coached four executives and provided monthly team coaching sessions with the leadership team to develop communications within the team, establish direction, define focus and create accountability.

Each executive had a unique set of needs and challenges. Lisa coached on setting and achieving goals, recognizing and honing their leadership capabilities, transparency through communications, team development, life balance, adjustment to change, leadership presence, interpersonal relations, emotional intelligence and presentation skills.

RESULT: The executive team now ranks communication as the key factor for improvements in capturing and expanding business in new markets. The company has secured the key contracts lost and has repositioned its presence in the market place as a global leader in the industry. Employee satisfaction surveys now list trust and confidence in the leadership among the top five reasons for job satisfaction. Turnover has declined and an initiative to create a formal Mentoring process and Coaching program for managers is currently under-way.