Case Study 3

Case Study 3:

Coaching, Individuals, and Teams

CLIENT: Oil & Gas company.

THE NEED: Three executives were challenged to adjust their leadership style and direction due to a company merger and reorganization. The company experienced decreased productivity, higher than usual turnover, low morale and escalating dissension and conflict within work teams.

Lisa led interviews and focus groups with the executives and management teams to identify factors leading to diminished performance and conflict. The information collected showed the need for management coaching and mentoring.

The focus: improve team performance, establish effective solutions for working with conflict, and improve morale.

Lisa coached each executive with: creating a road map for change, goal setting, priorities and goal achievement, developing and implementing action plans, understanding emotional intelligence and application, individual performance scorecards, effective communication, leadership style and presence.

Lisa coached each executive to define goals and priorities, identify barriers to performance, redirect their focus on the new organization, establish communication competency to mange political situations, and create strategic action plans for leadership success.

Lisa conducted team-coaching sessions over a six-month period to establish standard best practices, manage priorities, lead effective meetings, develop pro-active group dynamics, take ownership of their process and learn how to conduct effective crucial conversations. Teams were led through problem solving, trouble shooting, conflict management, decision making and feedback tools to help them function effectively to build consensus, achieve quality outputs, and take ownership in the results.

RESULT: Each executive is engaged in the new organizational direction and are now key contributors on the executive team. Managers are leading self-directed, performance focused teams. Morale has significantly improved resulting in lower turnover and improved productivity.