Case Study 4

Case Study 4:

Coaching for High Potentials

Client: A Financial Services company.

The Need: Develop leadership competency and skills for numerous high potential upper-level and mid-level managers that were promoted to division director positions.
Lisa coached a group of 15 new directors with varied management experience on how to successfully transition to their new role and responsibilities.   She combined a series of testing, feedback, interviews and coaching sessions with each manager to clarify goals, develop specific action plans, recognize strengths and deficiencies, and develop each individual's skills, confidence and presence as leaders. The managers were coached on leadership styles, setting and achieving goals, communications, team cohesion, managing change, emotional intelligence, decision making, risk tolerance, working with difficult situations, delegation, life balance and interpersonal relations.  

Result: The organization received an increase in division productivity, improved retention and a measurable improvement in profits within each division that implemented coaching.