Case Study 5

Case Study 5:

Coaching for Leadership

CLIENT: A Healthcare company.

THE NEED: A new administrator was hired from outside the organization to improve: patient satisfaction, community reputation, generates revenue, and, to improve recruitment practices for physician and healthcare professionals.

Traditionally the hospital had a practice of promoting from within. Push back to hiring an external administrator, regardless of her credentials, and experience, was severe.

The majority of the department heads were reluctant to disclose pertinent information and efforts to implement new directives met with failure, lost productivity and continued issues with patient care and satisfaction.

Lisa coached the hospital administrator to develop a strategic plan focused in three crucial areas: consensus building, establishing authority through measured accountability and proactive relationship approaches for navigating and communicating within the political climate. Project teams were formed to present solutions to patient satisfaction, standards for care, performance gaps, and recruitment practices.

Lisa coached one department head that remained resistant to working with the new administrator. Lisa coached the department head to identify and remove barriers, assess willingness to adapt to change, re-establish goals and priorities, and, develop an action plan to develop internal and external drive and skill development in six areas: self-awareness, adjustment to different personality styles, emotional intelligence, proactive communication, accountability and delegation.

RESULT: The hospital administrator attributes coaching as the primary reason she succeeded in winning over the department heads and achieving success in her three critical goals: customer/patient satisfaction showed a 74% improvement rate; physician recruitment improved with the hiring of five reputable doctors; and, community image improved through positive coverage in medical journals and industry wide exposure at symposiums, and healthcare events in the community. Patient satisfaction surveys were the highest in the region placing the hospital as the flagship in the organizations national hospital network. The hospital now recruits and maintains renowned physicians and a top-notch nursing staff. The hospital, which previously had the fast growing decline in admissions, now holds the number one spot in the system for hospital admissions equating to an 85% increase in revenue generation.