Strategic Hiring

“During the last two interviews I have used the skills and techniques I learned from your class. I have found the experience most enjoyable. I felt these were the most professional interviews I have done, I was able to truly find the best candidate for the position. Thanks again!”
- Jeff Kaufmann,
President-Rockies Division, Complete Production Services

Strategic Hiring School

Target Interviewing Practices, TIPs

Target Interviewing Practices (TIPs), provides you with a strategic hiring process to consistently select the best-qualified candidate for the job.

You will gain the skills to: conduct legally defensible interviews, avoid problem employees, reduce turn over, and streamline the interview process to maximize your time and minimize the costly impact of a poor hiring decision.
TIPs navigates you through the selection process in three stages:

  • The Pre-Interview Stage
  • The Job Interview Stage
  • The Post Interview Stage


Learn how to:

  • Demonstrate the Eight essential elements of an effective interview.
  • Conduct structured legally defensible job interviews.
  • Ask critical questions.
  • Evaluate candidate’s behavioural responses.
  • Match the right candidate to the right job.
  • Conduct individual and panel interviews.
  • Take objective job-related notes that won’t get you into trouble.
  • Adhere to the company’s hiring policies and procedures.
  • Deal with difficult interview situations.

TIPS is offered in two formats to meet your hiring needs: 

TIPS 1: Who Should Attend?
Managers and supervisors involved in the selection process. 
The program is designed for interviewing front-line, hourly personnel. 

TIPS 2: Who Should Attend?
Managers, supervisors, and professionals involved in the selection process.
The program is designed for interviewing office, management, and executive personnel.